I believe that exposing the sexual elements you cannot tell other people about, uncovering your weak and pathetic self, accepting the self you do not want to face is strongly connected to cherishing your own identity.

By embracing my sadism, domination and fetishism, by being able to feel my pleasure coming along with this, you will be able to accept your own masochism and fetishism as well as the pleasure involving them.

Let us share this time together.
I am looking forward to seeing you.

About me

At the age of 19, I started working as a professional Dominatrix at "Studio K", a famous dungeon situated in Nagoya, Japan where I have been working ever since.

My SM repertoire includes hemp rope Kinbaku, wax play and whips as well as more specialized forms of restraining play, such as whole-body plastering, mummification, a vacuum bed or inflatable bodysuits.
I also offer wet-and-messy, spit play, golden showers as well as fetish play using whole-body suits that you can enjoy the smooth touching feeling of synthetic fiber. And I am also an expert for anal dry orgasm on which I have developed and polished my unique method.
Until now, I have taught the joys of anal orgasms at seminars in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Measurements: 165cm B93 W67 H98,
Shoe size: 25.5 or 26.0 (in Japanese size)
No Smoking


Please be aware that I cannot speak English perfectly yet, so please use simple English when communicating with me.
Sessions will take place at Studio K in Nagoya.

I am a dominatrix and do not provide nudity or sexual services (for example intercourse, fellatio, kissing) of any kind.